Sunday, February 27, 2005

Not So Hot For Teacher

I took a one-day humor writing workshop today through Gotham Writers Workshop. About an hour into the class, I was verging on a panic attack having to contend with the fact that I had to sit there - in a high school classroom - in an ass-torturing high school one-piece chair-and-desk unit for another six hours.

Not that I have a problem with ass torture, mind you.

Attending this class made me realize this: School Sucks.

I have never felt that way before, ever. I am a recovering over-achiever who was severely addicted to school, the attention of academic success and the ego-fluffing trappings thereof. However, sitting in a class today made me itchy, distracted and generally annoyed. I probably was feeling like most of the kids I went to school with back in the day.

Maybe now I can see too well what a construct school is, knowing that the world is in no way shape or form a meritocracy.

The class started with a quote from Carol Burnett: "Comedy = Pain + Time."

I was surely in pain today.

But the second the class was over, my friend Anne and I were out on the street, doubled over in laughter.

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