Friday, February 25, 2005

Oral Cavities 101

I went to see "Inside Deep Throat" last night. What seemed shocking over 30 years ago, now seems as quaint and sweet as a quilt sewn by one's grandmother.

Paris Hilton, are you listening?

However, we are beyond the pale -the days of the 1970 near-innocent, naive style of pornography are long over. We are living in an age of impossible commodification, when it comes to sex and bodies and identity.

Erica Jong put it best in the film: "From a few people who were carving out their own trailblazing path, a very cynical adult entertainment industry emerged. They started coining money, hand over fist."

Nowadays, pornography is mass entertainment, and vice versa.

At least, the actors in adult films don't have any illusions about what they are paid for.

Halle Berry, are you listening?*

*Sorry, Halle, but weren't you paid, um, $50,000 per tit just to drop your top in the otherwise unnotable "Swordfish"? For "Deep Throat", lovely Linda Lovelace got just 200 beans for chugging some serious cock and for having the world think her clitoris was in the back of her throat.

She ain't got no damn Oscar, neither.

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