Saturday, February 12, 2005

Watching Paint Dry, Predictably

On a whim, I went to go see "Hide and Seek" last night. I was entirely bored. Luckily, my friend Ryan and I whispered and giggled throughout the film. Instead of being mindlessly entertained, I was mindlessly drawn to thoughts of Dakota Fanning, her current superstardom, and upcoming, naturally counterbalanced fall from grace.

I can already hear the E! True Hollywood Story voiceover script. At this point in time, we're moments, or at least one commercial break, away from when Dakota develops a prescription drug problem. Or a cocaine problem. Or a drinking problem.

One has to ask: is it wrong to want her to have all three?

The movie wasn't even good-bad, camp-wise. There were a few moments of giggle-inducing pleasure though: Academy Award Nominee Elisabeth Shue has so little to do here, her dewy cleavage upstaged her acting.

Yes, that's right. Her titties were dewy.

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