Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Close(r) To Me

In berating the film "Closer" over and over again, both verbally and here in virtual print, I have gotten into many a mini-fight with those who did enjoy/were devastated by watching the movie.

The thing is, I really wanted to like it. In fact, I wanted to love it. The preview was hot, as was that lovely Damian Rice song that ends the film. I was even rooting for Julia Roberts, who has been known to occasionally act in movies from time to time (rather than just turning on her smile in lieu of a performance), hoping she was going to give up something, like, really really real for Mr. Nichols, since he's been known to do such magical sorts of things. Clive Owen was selling the shit out of his part though, I have to say. He was gunning the talky script in exactly the right way. was Natalie Portman. She's a little way too cute to be a stripper. She was also wig-on-wig*. was Jude Law...oddly enough, not looking as handsome as he should.

But...maybe...just maybe...when the reality of the larger world (a.k.a. a world with more than four people in it) creeps in - as it can onscreen - to the intimate, hyper verbal world of the stage play, the too-closed construct of the play falls apart.

I also couldn't help comparing it to Nichols' own "Carnal Knowledge", which knocked me flat on my ass when I saw it.

So, the moral is: refrain from getting closer, get down with something carnal.

*see: January 2005 - "Wig-On-Wig"

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