Sunday, March 06, 2005

New Delpy Blonde

A love song for Julie Delpy:

Hotly blonde, vaguely French
Bee-stung lips make me want to fetch
My bone for you
On all fours, breaking my back
Performing a tour
De France on your kibbles and bits.
I don't care that you were Quentin's best friend's junkie whore
Or white and light in Kieslowski's midday chore
Or wolfy and toothy and sexy in that remake bore
Although queer to the core
You have me swinging Kinsey style
Across the scale
A mad dog in heat on the floor.
Shake that song, strum that ass.
Sunrise, Sunset.
Sunrise, Sunset.
Please, Julie Delpy,
Don't make me saddy.
I'll get jiggy like a Saint Patrick's Day Paddy.
Just let me be your baby daddy.

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