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And Now...A Few Words of Political Wisdom From Our Sponsors

Thanks to the magic of YouTube...a political promo I had never seen. I think this clears up why Bush II won the first time around.

Let Us Now Praise PR Men (Or, We're Just Friends...)

I came across this image a few days ago.

No, it's not a stray arty shot from a Fire Island pool party in 1980.

This image is - straight up - a publicity shot of Cary Grant and his "roommate" actor Randolph Scott from the 1940s. I saw it for the first time years ago in Kenneth Anger's brilliant Hollywood Babylon.

As "gay" as this is (there are even more incriminating photos in the series, like images of the two of them eating breakfast together...with their tiny dogs), and as hellbent the rumors at the time were that these two actors were secretly married to each other, the movie going public at the time didn't bat an eyelash at the overtones or implications of an image like this.

In today's cultural cycle of secrets-lies-secrets-lies (hey, which came first anyway?), there is much ado about protesting way way way too much.

A single male actor in Hollywood today (ok, maybe not if you're Jake Gyllenhaal, whose public appearances of late seem to be a sort of extended audition for a new Los Angeles version of Queer as Folk) would rather be photographed by a teenager with a camera phone shooting up heroin in a parked car with a female midget hooker giving him a blow job than he would be hanging out alone with his best friend poolside in front of a professional photographer.

In today's market of masculinity, where gay men are growingly shirking the bonds of playing the mincing queen, all bets are off.

The coded indicators of sexual identity are becoming more and more fluid. Straight men in my neighborhood look as plucked and stuffed and schellacked and pussy-whipped by fashion as gay men in my hood looked six years ago. And yet there still exists a need to assert the notion: I am straight, I am straight, I am straight straight straight.

As dolled up and as moisturized as these dudes are trolling around Seventh Avenue on weekend nights, there is still the underlying and often violent need to assert a straight identity.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

36. (Or, This Summer I Hear the Drumming)

On this day thirty six years ago, 4 students were murdered by National Guardsmen during a student demonstration protesting the U.S. invasion of Cambodia. Another 9 students were wounded. A total of 67 rounds of ammunition were fired off into a crowd of students.

Of the four students killed, only one was part of the protest, which was mostly non-violent.

Nixon thought of the government santioned violence at Kent State as a potential example - he was looking to quiet the youth resistance movement led partly by the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). Members of the SDS, disheartened by both the murder of Black Panther leader Fred Hampton and the perceived inefficacy of non-violent protest, later formed the leftist terrorist group Weatherman (later known as the Weather Underground Organization).

I grew up in Kent, Ohio. My parents were both students at Kent State at the time of the killings. My mother was a classmate of Sandra Scheuer, who was killed by a stray bullet when walking on her way to class.

This day every year, I take time to reflect on this event. It was odd to grow up in such a small town that had the ghosts of such symbolic violence. On this day thirty-six years ago, our government was desperate (in the form of the sweaty, paranoid Nixon) to control its youth and to quiet all dissent.

Today, we live in times of great violence, but dissent is on the back burner. Our economy, our media, our hyper referenced and meta lifestyles keep us sated.

On that note, required viewing today: Network and The Weather Underground.


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wave Your Balls in the Air Like You Just Don't Care (Or, Nuts for Nuts)

What does it mean
When you see in a dream
Bouncing nutsacks of joy

What does it mean
Like I said - in a dream
When you are famous
For talents like ball washing?

By ball washing I mean,
In - again - a sordid dream,
Men queue up and down
To drop trou for your mouth.

Because in said dream
Your tongue's smooth as cream
With a neverending supply
Of cleansing saliva.

"So clean!" Clients say,
"Well done! Without shame!"
With your tongue comes fame
Well-hung, well-washed,
Clean nuts breed commotion.

Sunglasses, T.V.
Interviews with Katie C.
All this from just a bit
Of putting your tongue
Into motion.