Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Four Big Speakers (Or, Requiem for Whale)

I found this on YouTube last night...a live performance from the long lost 90s Swedish band Whale. This is from their album All Disco Dance Must End In Broken Bones.

Not even making it up.

In this performance, the band left off the song's great intro:

"I've got a 35 minute drive. I've got an ear infection. And I'm allergic to leather seats."

They were best known for their semi-sort-of hit "Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe".

Also, not making it up. It was my jam circa Spring 1994. Good times.


R. said...

The blonde's breasts seem to have a mind of their own in this video.

Geez, I'd completely forgotten about Whale (I wonder how many other early-to-mid 90s bands are lying dormant in my memory, Swedish or not), which is unfortunate because they weren't half bad. Ironically, I can remember Ace of Base, no matter how hard I try to forget them.

TM said...

Yeah, it's too bad whale disappeared...I especially dig the song "pay for me" from their first album.

as for ace...I think everyone of a certain age is cursed with memories of "the sign".

bjorn bjorg said...

Sweden is back in a fat way....in fact all scandinavia is far superior, musically, than the UK and US. Sahara Hotnights, Peter Bjorn and John, etc. Second only to France, that Sweden.

But I concur with Herr Messy....Hobo Humpin was the jammmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Oh....Whale released a new single a few months ago. It went about as far as....a fag at Scores