Sunday, April 15, 2007

Four, Five - Get it Right (Or, The Gossip @ Knitting Factory)

For a mere $12 I saw The Gossip last night at Knitting Factory. I would gladly pay 10 times that to repeat the experience all over again. I'll have to write something a little more substantive later, since I'm still nursing a killer hangover that doesn't seem to want to vacate anytime soon.

I will say this, quickly: lead singer Beth Ditto is a motherfucking superstar. I really love the Gossip - but seeing them live took my love to a whole new level. To say she set the stage on fire would be a gross understatement. Ditto taps into a major source - her energy, intensity, and humor is, well, overwhelming. She's more than a great rock star - she just might be the world's best blues singer too.

I will also say - bitch had me dancing. Something of a major feat these days.

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