Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Inspiration (Or, Who Yo Dawg Baby?)

Forever ago, I was reading one of those US Weekly or Star or People types of just-like-heroin publications and lo-and-behold, there was a two-page spread about celebrities and music. It was something like "Stars - They're Just Like Us! They Listen To Music!"; there was a headshot of a star with an accompanying pull quote about what they were currently listening to. No surprise, everything was very - very - authored by some press agent or other. (Jessica Biel likes U2 and Nelly Furtado? Shut up! You're kidding!).

The only star who answered with anything close to honesty was Alicia Keys. Here was her answer - the gist of it, anyway:

"Yo, Chopin is my dawg. Whenever I listen to his jams I think - dang. What was goin' through that cat's head when he rocked that out on the piano? I wish I could play like that - know what I'm sayin?"

Exactly, Miss Keys. Exactly.

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