Sunday, April 08, 2007

Miss Tammy Wynette (Or, Memorex Mo Betta)

I saw the above interview a long time ago on TV and something about it set off my comedic imagination. It stuck with me. I shouldn't shake Tammy.

I have performed and rehashed this particular bit many, many times, but when I saw it again yesterday afternoon - also by chance on TV - I was a little let down.

Miss Tammy Wynette certainly had a taste for the dramatic - but I think in my remix and reperformance and rehash (and rewriting) this description of how George Jones proposed to her, I did her one better. Anyway, you have the version - the real version - above. Below is a transcript of how I "do" Tammy:

"Now, my husband at the time was beatin' on me real bad. One day [George] Jones came over one day when my husband was hittin' on me and Jones said: 'Stop hittin' on Tammy. I love her. We gon' get married.' So, I left that day with Jones. And, we was married the next week."

Now, basically, she does say this in the actual interview...albeit way closer to milquetoast than how I say it. In the real interview, she says - about 10 minutes after this clip - that she and George Jones were married two months after the incident.

Ah, distortion and appropriation. It feels so right...

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J. said...

it's as if you called her up in tennessee and said "tammy, stand by the jams"