Friday, April 13, 2007

Truth in Signage (Or, Chelsea Girls)

The landmark Chelsea Hotel is trying to say something. It's signature neon signage (above) has taken leave of its full self to reveal...

A. A casual observation of gay male sluttitude in the neighborhood.

B. A judgment of underage outer-borough girls sneaking into any number of nightclubs on the weekends.

C. A call to arms for the stay-at-home, stuck-in-my-million-dollar high-rise-condo wives of investment bankers who are tired of playdates and pottery classes and various "Young Patrons of.." committees and are looking for a little daytime friction with any number of off-duty cops or contractors or UPS delivery men.

D. A requiem for the original set of Chelsea Hotel-Hoes. (Oh, the days of cheap rents and amphetamine overdoses are so far, far gone now.)

Only the ghosts of Edie Sedgwick and Nico know fo sho.

(Special thanks to longtime reader Foxxxy Brown Cup for the tip-off. The credit is all yours.)


R. said...

It's probably the ghost of Nancy Spungen fucking up with the letters.

S. said...

Nancy Spungen wasn't smart enough or stable enough to even know where she was. It must have been Chloe Webb, pissed off for losing Razzie of the year, 1988 for that masterpiece film

foxxybrowncup said...

When I saw the HO sign, I immediately thought of the T man. Takes one to know one, I say.
It begged for Buffalo Void commentary and you done do it justices.

Word up Ho