Thursday, April 26, 2007

You Trippin' T (Or, Why You Trippin' G?)

Yeah, yeah yeah.'s Thursday and there's nothing new here even though I promised something Monday and/or Tuesday and/or Wednesday.

Yeah, yeah yeah.

I ducked out of town...out of state...out of country...out of continent last weekend...and have yet to get my shit together and say something...anything about it.

Yo, I been trippin', OK?


Seriously...I have many stories and many photographs from my incredibly fast and incredibly furious trip to Amsterdam.

But, in keeping with the spirit of the Dutch, I'm taking my time and taking it easy in getting there. Even though I've been banging through client work all week and trying to re-establish a decent sleep cycle and breaking a mild but crippling addiction to 24-Hour Claritin, in my head I'm still sitting at a quiet outdoor cafe with a beer and a fistfull of frites - letting the spring sun gently pat my face.

So, just chill bitches - and - dang - stop trippin'.

More soon...

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