Tuesday, May 01, 2007

20/20 Vision (Or, Baba Waawaa, Snake Charmer)

Last Friday night, Barbara Walters hosted a special 20/20 on child transsexuals.

Yes indeed, there's no end to America's newfound fascination with gender-identity disorder.

It was touching, sad, etc. etc. etc., but, I'm not here to report on that.

Oh, no.

I'm here to point out the shocking humor in an otherwise somber scenario.

At one point in the special, Barbara was interviewing a young girl named Riley (or, "Rywee" in WaaWaa speak) who was born a boy and who is still - biologically - a boy. Barbara was sitting close to the girl on her (frilly, pink) bed and was asking her (detailed, intimate) questions about her wish to be a girl - biologically.

In other words - her wish to get rid of her penis.

Le WaaWaa leaned in close to Riley and asked in a very hushed voice:

"Rywee. Let's talk about...your snake."

One only hopes that Riley has a boa constrictor or a python in a box under her bed.

Otherwise, Barbara's more guileless and, um, probing than ever.


R. said...

You HAVE GOT to be making this up!!! Are you sure you're still not under the influence of Dutch tulips?

(Oh, my ribs hurt.)

TM said...

nope - not. even. joking.

I think some producer/writer played a big, dirty, snaky joke on Le WaaWaa.

She even gave up a remix later:

"Oh, Rywee...let's forgwet that. Let's tawk about your stupid snake."

joe to hell said...

did they weawwy caw heh the gull with a dick?