Monday, May 07, 2007

Fonda Lo-Blows (Or, Ringside Seats, Please)

I have some funny stories from the weekend...I'm too beat to beat them into this lameass ditty will have to suffice for now:

As the online gossip world spirals into yet another frenzy over Lindsay Lohan (She does cocaine? No shit!), my mind drifted to sunnier days...when Jane Fonda read Lo-Blow to filth for being a fucktard on the set of Georgia Rule.

I'd pay crazyass cash money for ringside seats for that particular Celebrity Deathmatch. (Anaconda Fonda vs. Lindsay Lo-Blo). It'd be a waste in some ways...since there's already a clear winner.

At nearly 70, I'm sure Fonda could wipe any floor with Lohan's freckly, bony, coke-addled ass.

Just sayin'.

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foxxy browncup said...

I have had fantasies of la lohan starring in the remake of "barbarella"....does this mean jane wont endorse it?