Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sometimes a Loud Notion (Or, The Miracle Worker)

OK, so all of the good, recent stories are still kicking around my head, trying to find an acceptable, decent way out. While those cook and steam and blanche and grill and fry and deep-fry and fondue away on the back burner, here's an oldie but goodie that I often tell, but have never written out. It's a secondhand tale, but I love it nonetheless.

In college, a science study group was meeting in a dorm's lounge area. Around the corner, a (insert one: woman, womyn, female, genderqueer, girl, lady, homegirl) was talking on the dorm hall phone - loudly.

Very, very loudly.

Despite the study group's efforts to quiet her / mute her / turn down the volume on her inane and unavoidable conversation, the lady co-ed in question just kept talking and talking and talking.

Very, very loudly.

After a good ten minutes of throwing things, sssshhhhhhing, asking politely, etc. etc. A member of the group decided to kick the attempts at quietude up a notch.

Thankfully, the study group member - for no good reason, let's call her Shari - was even louder than the loud-talking phone-convo-holic.

What Shari said went something like this:


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Q said...

Is that Yoko Ono on the right?