Monday, May 14, 2007

Zen No Shade (Or, A View From Below)

Yesterday afternoon, in a fit of Zen-based need, I decided to do yoga in my apartment. I haven't been to a proper yoga class in quite a long time, but I have an old set of Power Yoga Do-It-All-Wrong-On-Your-Own tapes*, so I popped one in.

Since it was just me in the apartment, I did the hour-long class in the nude.

I have two windows that face the street - one faces a set of apartment buildings and the other faces a building that houses a women's labor group. Since it was a great, sunny day, I just pulled down the shade in the first window, since I could tell no one was working in the labor group building.

I had a perfect set up - sun and privacy.

Anyway, when the "class" was over and I was finally able to peel my naked self up off of the floor, I went over to my television, located dangerously close to the exposed window, to shut off the tape.

In my state of bliss/bodily tranquility, I kind of forgot that I was totally nude...and standing next to an open window.

Just as that awareness kicked in, I felt odd.

I felt like I was being watched.

I looked across into the empty building - still no one there.

I then looked all the way down to the street.

There, sitting on the stoop of an apartment building across the street, was an elderly couple. The man was pouring over a street map of Manhattan. And the woman...

Was staring up at me, mouth agape.

She made eye contact with me for a hot second then her eyes returned to where I first caught them...

The side view of my ass, balls, and, um, wurst.

*yes, the shit is so old it's on VHS.

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joe to hell said...

did you yell down to her? i would..

"hey lady! quit looking at the brown eye when i am working my third eye"