Tuesday, June 05, 2007

One More (Or, Unforgivable)

I know, I know. More YouTube shizz. But this one is too good not to post - a spoof of Natalie Cole's album "Unforgettable". Make sure you catch Tammy Wynette toward the end. The first time I saw this was the week Tammy died - oh, the comedy was so bittersweet.


joe to hell said...

ellen cleghorne!!! where did she go??? SNL hasnt had a black chica thats funny since her. e'ryone needs a funny black lady! her whoopi goldberg was genius.

oh, and this is further proof that mike myers is GAY.

TM said...

Ellen rocks. I'm pretty sure she's the only black female permanent performer SNL has EVER had.

sadditay. sadditay.

and, yes...myers' judy garland is a little too good.