Monday, June 04, 2007

Prove Your Love (Or, Tell It to My Dick)

While enjoying a lovely sunset on the Piers this past Saturday, I overheard this little ditty.

Oh, wait. Before I relay the overheard conversation, I should describe the person speaking...

Imagine singer Taylor Dayne's head (wonky 90s blonde blow-out; big, banged up lips; questionably sharp cheekbones) attached to the body of a linebacker.

Got that? Now press Taylor Dayne /William "The Fridge" Perry's badass self into a haltertop and belted jean shorts.

So, here's the little ditty - as said by the Tayloridgerator:

"You know, I hate it out here on the Piers. All these fags. I mean, it's fucked up: I'm a transsexual, but I'm homophobic."

God, I love a Saturday.

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