Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Regally Blonde (Or, Another Old Ass Story)

Continuing on the I-Can't-Believe-1997-Is-A-Decade-Ago's another ditty from ten years ago:

My friend Lucas is a less-than-natural blonde.

There. I said it.

Once upon a brunch, Lucas - newly re-tinted a brighter shade of "natural" ash-blonde-platinum-whateveryoucallit - was taking far too long to place his order with a far less than patient waiter.

As the waiter, well, stood there waiting less than patiently, Lucas hemmed and hawed and hawed and hemmed about how he wanted his Two Eggs, Any Style. When Lucas finally came up with the ever-elusive answer "sunny side up", the waiter snatched our menus, leaned in to ultra-blonde Lucas and said, loudly:

"Lay off the color."


miss truvy said...

them waitresses at the IHOPs aint all sally sweetness and sunshine no more.

joe*to*hell said...

OH! That fag got served (and i do NOT mean huevos rancheros)

hairdini said...

maybe you should have called this jam "blonde ambitchin'"

TM said...

i agree hairdini...I was struggling with the was almost:

Irregularly Blonde


Irregularly Bronde


Irregarry Bronde

Too bad Lucas isn't Asian.

joe*to*hell said...

hell yeah - asians with bleached blond hair...hell no. those freaks go on tour with gwen stefani. think they called the Hiroshima Girls.