Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rehashish (Or, A Remix)

I was reading a post on my friend Tarek's blog last night, and I was inspired to comment some. As I commented and commented, I realized this blog of mine has been in a sort of summer languish mode for a while now. While I should have invested some energy in writing here last night, I spent a little time pondering the phrase "Prada Meinhof" - a rehash mash-up of that famed Italian brand and Germany's oddly glamorous Baader Meinhof Group, a left-wing terrorist group that raised way more than Hell in the 1970s and 80s.

Anyway, below is my comment/story on the phrase. I'd say it's a remix of what I wrote last night...but, um, it's not.

I'm already hearing the sadistically well-dressed bastions at Condé Nast using this ("Prada Meinhof") as the headline for a story on terrorist glamour.

Once upon a time...when I freelanced at aforementioned publisher, I was criticized for having a shaved head. My reply:

"It's convict chic."

Had I been a more jaded individual, I would have said:

"It's cancer chic."

Had I been a more psychic individual prone to oxymorons, I would have said:

"It's future-Britney chic."

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