Monday, August 13, 2007

Back in Inaction (Or, Write Power)

In the past, I've written apologies for not writing or taking breaks from writing or not writing because I was busy drinking or not writing because I was folding my socks or not writing because I was too busy drawing or not writing because I was too busy watching Spanish films dubbed into German or not writing because I was busy channeling Carol Channing playing Stockard Channing playing Tatum Channing's mother or sister or lover or transsexual high school drama teacher.

Anyway, here I am typing "anyway" as a way to say I'm trying my best to be back in the saddle here. It's August though - which is Italian for "naptime". So, these last two weeks of August, I will try my best to forego any and all naps to instead write something at least halfway entertaining or rude or stupid like it's February and there's nothing to do but sit inside, watch it snow, and dream of naptime in August.

At best, this entry will get my mother's attention. Even she recently asked, "You still have a blog?"

So, here blows the dust, here go the cobwebs.

Let discussion of bodily functions, the absurdities of day-to-day life, and Miss Sheryl Crow's current toilet paper usage

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