Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's Complicated (Or, It's Delicious)

Two weekends ago, my friend Anne coined the phrase "complicated deliciousness".

As in: "Why can't you handle my complicated deliciousness?"

It seemed apt at the time...and I've found myself using my new favorite phrase far too often in conversation.

For example...later in the same weekend, there was a not-so-special screening of the film Xanadu. When Olivia Newton-John reappears at the end of the film to sing the title song, she's in a glittery copper/brown (yes, brown) metallic halter-jumpsuit, heels, and a hair-fashion-forward blow-out so intense it would have left Farrah Fawcett-Majors' locks quivering in fear and chartreuse with envy at the time.

At first sight, the whole look was too much.

It was pure camp.

It was the dark side of Can't Stop the Music.

Until a further examination revealed...

Oh, no.

This was not camp at all...

It was just...

Complicated Deliciousness.

And I'm sure in 1980, I would have begged begged begged my mother to don such a look to take me to summer art class.


joe*to*hell said...

you would have begged your mother to get YOUR hair done like that.

T$ said...

No...I always wanted a perm...