Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Love and Fudge on Long Island (Or, Unintentionally)

Yeah, I know. No daily writing....once again. I've been away a lot - and when I haven't been away, I've been making excuses.

Pictured above:
the "Fudge N' Stuff" store in Montauk...something tells me it would do much better business in Provincetown or Key West...but that's just me.

Also of note: I don't think heterosexuals (or heterosexuals with no senses of humor) even notice this store...but I giggled and guffawed and laughed and chortled whenever I walked by this place last weekend. But hey, they make fresh fudge and offer free tastes. There's also a bakery a few doors down that makes tons of whole-grain products...which is great in case they need to, um, make more fudge.

1 comment:

the man with the heated penis said...

i bet that place really packs 'em in.

i won't speculate as to what the "stuff" is