Friday, August 31, 2007

My Baby Mama Deux (Or, 2 Days in Paris)

I have admitted this in the past: I have a thing - a big thing - for actress Julie Delpy. She's just the right combination of sexy and neurotic...I've been hooked since I can't remember.

I saw her new film 2 Days in Paris (which she also wrote and directed) and it threw me for a loop. I don't have it in me to write up a full review...but I will say that it's an accurate, devastating look at how romantic relationships - while many wonderful things - are studies in frustration...and deceit.

The film ends with this notion: no matter what, an individual can never, ever know someone else fully - no matter how intimate the relationship may be. There are always secrets...and there are always the lies that accompany them.


Junk Thief said...
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Junk Thief said...

Julie's one of my favorites. Vulnerable, sexy, almost kinda tough and a French chick that sounds American. Love her (plus I'm 1/2 French). I think the adage about never knowing the other person and their mysteries applies to yourself as well.

T$ said...

she definitely has a toughness about's what's waiting below the surface of that vulnerability.