Monday, September 03, 2007

Bald Ambition (Or, Fritz)

I once confessed to having a lot of grandparents. Now that gaggle of grandmothers is now missing their sole male: my grandfather passed away this weekend after a very brief battle with cancer.

Humor is a huge part of how my family relates to one another. My grandfather was no exception. As kids, whenever my brother and I would get spazzy or get in fights, Grandpa was known to say things like: "Calm down. You two are like a couple of farts in a windstorm."

My grandfather was also known for the story of how he lost his hair. He told me the reason why he was bald was because he stuck his head out a car window as a child and his hair blew completely off - never to grow back.

I was so awestruck by this story that I told it to my entire kindergarten class during Show & Tell. My fellow five year-old classmates were as stunned and intrigued as I was by the incident. After all, when you're that age, anything related to the world of adults is mysterious and entirely up for grabs.

Once I was done with the story, my teacher understandably laughed her ass off.

Grandpa was also the owner of a photograph near and dear to my heart.

Needlesstosay, I will miss him.

(Above: Fritz in White Sands, New Mexico sometime in the 1960s)


Matt said...

Your Grandfather sounds like he was a cool guy to hang out with.

T$ said...

He was...he always had a story to tell.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Sorry about your loss!