Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Breathless, Sockless (Or, Another Toe Jam)

There's a shoe store in my neighborhood that makes me laugh every time I walk by it.

It's not that the shoes are that bad...

The store's name (I'm saving it) is so ridiculous, that I always find myself making up a story about how the name ever came to be. Most of the time, the stories go something like this:

SHEILA (spoken in the strongest Long Island accent possible): Oh my god Margot...I was at this shoe store the otha day and the sales guy kept fondling my feet. He fitted me in the most delicous pumps...and then he massaged my feet for ten mintues.

Margot...I got so excited, so overwhelmed...I had a Shoegasm.

Yes, that's the store's name. I hope to G-d they only employ verified foot fetishists.


dumbho said...

i bet your leathery toe man is the manager

Junk Thief said...

Oh, I think I actually saw it when I was there in June. It completely resonates with me. I'd easily give it up or get off as a result of the right pair of shoes. I won't reveal how far up in the triple digits my shoe ownership is.

T$ said...

I guess this week's unofficial theme has been "toe-jam" or "adventures in the erotic toe-tacular".

Next week: panty hose for men.