Friday, September 07, 2007

Chapschtick (Or, These Things Happen)

A few days ago the phrase "assless leather chaps" came up in conversation with my mother.

Hey, these things happen.

I can't remember exactly how the phrase was introduced, but my mother, ever the meek blushing flower, said:

"Lots of people wear them now. Not just the leather guys. Bike riders wear them...lots of people. I was in the doctor's office the other day, and a young woman came in wearing them."

I had to pause.

"Um, a woman came in wearing assless leather chaps?"

"Yes. Well, she did have jeans on underneath."

"Was she carrying a motorcycle helmet?"

"Oh. Yes."

"For a second there, you had me picturing groups of young women on ten-speeds biking to their doctor's office with their bare asses hanging out."

"You never know, Trev. Maybe they were airing out the rug for a gyno exam."


Junk Thief said...

San Francisco has the highest per capita of them in North America, Montreal a close second. I've long passed the appropriate age of even considering them.

T$ said...

My mother is now looking up flights to both places...

Greg said...

My Mother would freak out if she saw anyone in assless chaps.

T$ said...

Depending on the wearer, my mother salivates.

cb said...

I have a problem with the term "assless chaps". Chaps, by definition do NOT have an ass in them-- they are just leggings of a sort. Saying assless chaps is redundant. Like saying denim jeans.

T$ said...


thanks for your comment, I get your point. I said "assless" as a descriptor to set up the joke.

also, it's a fairly common term floating around there:

assless chaps