Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ho's Up, Hose Down (Or, A New Classic)

Let's give it up for Miss Wendy Ho and her future classic "Bitch, I Stole Your Purse".



hello, my name is danny. said...


okay, i laughed. that was pretty OTT and i can just hear that being sung at all the drag clubs nationwide this weekend.

i think i'll hold on to my manbag, just in case.

Greg said...

I smell a Grammy.... Or is that just skank stench?

Too funny!!

T$ said...

If Miss Ho gets a Grammy, I'm sure it will be by theft.

Physical Theft.

While Beyoncé's flailing about onstage, Wendy be rummaging through her dressing room, snatching the statue...and a piece of Jay-Z too.

T$ said...

oh, and danny, miss ho is practically a drag queen herself...she plays gay bars all over NYC.

and, yeah, I'd watch your manbag.