Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Left Coast (Or, Jackie Dressed in Cobras)

Every once and a while, when New York is really wearing me down, I think to myself:

"I could live in Los Angeles."

And then I remember...

1. I don't work in the entertainment industry


2. Sarcasm is such a large part of my psyche, I may not be able to function there...I think all that perfect weather dries it out of people.

However...the IFC show The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman - which I'm re-hooked to now that it's back on - might just prove me wrong about #2. The show is so good I can't take's also so bitter it good.

Case in point: this week's episode, Jackie (as written and performed by the brilliant Laura Kightlinger) becomes a writer for a fashion magazine...she writes an expose about how most chic boutiques are really just lame fake businesses set up by rich husbands to keep their bored housewives busy. I won't give up the rest...but I will give up this:

When questioned about a soy candle, Jackie tells someone:

"You know what? Go fuck your soy."

I can't wait to use that at Whole Foods. I almost want to run there now and try to pick a fight.

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