Friday, September 28, 2007

Mocha My Dreams Come True (Or, Ice Cream For Everyone)

About a month ago, I sang the praises of Stewart's Shops and their most excellent product names.

Well...due to the strange magic of the internet, the president of Stewart's Shops replied to my blog entry and challenged me to come up with a name for a new ice cream flavor.


It's official. One of the names I submitted - Mocha Me Crazy - is now an honest-to-goodness flavor available at Stewart's Shops.

I got a ton of gift certificates in the mail yesterday...guess I'll be getting crazy fat on my copywriting skills while I road trip in upstate New York this fall.

Good times!

And thanks to the folks at Stewart's for thinking like I do.


Stewart said...

I hope you use your vouchers well! I would say you can get the best bag for your buck with these:


Want to save even more money every time you shop at Stewart’s? Whether you drop in for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a sweet treat, we have a ‘2 for’ special for you!!! Our ‘2 for’ specials give customers additional savings when purchasing a 2nd item.

We still have our traditional ‘2 for’ specials on bread, deli dogs and subs. Every time you buy two loaves of Stewart’s bread you save even more! Mix and match two Stewart’s Breads for only $2.09. You can choose from any of our delicious breads, English Muffins, Hot Dog Rolls or Hamburger Rolls. How can you go wrong with getting a great deal on two delicious deli dogs (2 for $1.79)? They make a great lunch! Grab two of our subs, one for lunch and one for dinner, and get a great deal at only 2 for $8.

Now at Stewart’s we have even more specials to offer our customers! A quick bite with your morning coffee is sure to fill you up. And with two donuts for just $1.19, they are hard to resist. Need some chips to go with your lunch from Stewart’s? At only 2 for $1.09, Bachman chips are a great addition!

Our ‘2 for’ specials will also take care of your sweet tooth. Our ‘Pints of Perfection’, Stewart’s Spooner pints of ice cream make a great pair. Buy a pint of your favorite flavor, and get the second for $1.50. What a great savings! So what are you waiting for? Get to your local Stewart’s Shop, and start saving with our ‘2 for’ specials today!

Big Daddy said...

Are these the same Stewart's people.

I love their sodas.

Key Lime rules!