Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Nail Biter (Or, Gee Your Nail Looks Terrific Part Two)

When I first moved to New York, I worked for an internet start-up. I won't go into the details of its fast and furious crash and burn (clearly, the company wasn't Google...not even close), but I still have a few good stories from working there.

At first the company was located in an amazing loft building in Union Square. We soon got too big for our space and decamped for the hell-on-earth known as Times Square.

Now, Times Square does have its merits. If you're a tourist, an actor, or a petty thief, it's a little slice of heaven. But if you work in a gigantic office building and have to face hoards of tourists, actors, and thieves to get your lunch every day, it's a fucking junkshow.

Anyway, when the company first moved to Times Square, we had no idea where to go for food. Union Square is jam-packed with amazing restaurants so lunch there was beyond easy - delightful even. Times Square is jam-packed with roasted nut carts, hot dog stands, and questionable eateries that are frequently shut down by the Health Commissioner. In the company-wide confusion that came with our move, most people ended up going to the Deli that was closest to our building.

To this day, I have no idea what this deli is actually called because located on the second floor above it was a giant Korean nail salon. The deli and the salon must have been owned by the same folks as they shared a huge green signage canopy - but, from the direction which I (and all of my co-workers) approached it, we only saw the "NAILS" portion of the shared sign.

Because no one knew the real name of the deli, it just became NAILS to everyone.

As in:

"Where'd you get that sandwich?"

"I got it at NAILS."


"I'm going to NAILS for a muffin. Anyone want anything?"


"I have to leave early. That salad I got from NAILS isn't sitting right with me."

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chichi said...

so its ok to be seen biting your nails?