Saturday, October 27, 2007

Chef's Up, Phone's Down (Or, A Sequel)

Here's a mini-sequel to yesterday's post about cooking...or rather, yesterday's post about not cooking:

My mother is a speech pathologist. She used to use board games with some of her students for practicing speech. Once upon a time, after a long day at some sort of education superstore, she came home loaded down with new games for use in her lessons.

She was super-excited. She showed me all the games she bought, and got even more excited about a game called...

What's For Dinner?

Why this one set her over the edge, I have no idea.

"Isnt' this one great?" She cooed.

Not one to let a good hook go unnoticed, I replied:

"What's in there? A phonebook?"


hello, my name is danny. said...


a phone book!?!

sarcastic one-liners at such an early age...

you're killin' me, T$!

Big Daddy said...

Ha ha.