Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Dubai Brothers (Or, Never Coming to a Bookstore Near You)

Last night, I was at my friend Torrey's apartment for dinner. Somewhere along the way, someone brought up a book called Persian Girls.

I'm not sure why a simple statement led Torrey and I into the following booze-laced riff...but it did...

In our imagining of the book (retitled: Persian Girl), the author switched from earnest feminist writer to...

Jackie Collins.

Here's a snippet from a press release about the book:

"Persian Girl is the remarkable tale of Sheherazade Santangelo, a girl born into poverty to rise up the ranks from 15th second independent jetsetting capitalist mogul. Persian Girl is the first of the Sheherazade Santangelo trilogy...followed by the equally saucy novels Iranian Lady and Dubai Woman."

"Collins had this to say about her inspiration for the novel: 'I was shopping at one of the Versace stores in Dubai. My sister Joan asked me to get her a sarong for her thirteenth 60th birthday. I passed a display case full of gold armbands and I thought to myself...there's a novel or three right here before my very eyes.'"

Be sure to buy it for someone you love.


Todd HellsKitchen said...

I love your artwork!

Greg said...

Maybe she can co-author one of the books with Danielle Steele. Or Stephen King. Now that would make for an interesting novel...,.