Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fly on Fly Action (Or, Afternoon Delight)

This afternoon my apartment was abuzz - literally - with sex (see photograph above).

I looked up at a framed picture to notice this...nothing got in these little dirty devils' way, either. Not only did I try to shoo them away (before I, um, realized what deed was in progress), these fuckers (hee) let me get this close to them to take this XXX rated photograph.

Of course, they did fly away before I could get them to sign a release form...so I can't sell this to FlyInches or FlyGirl or FlyBoy or FlyDate or FlyPaper Forum or Hustler.

Oh well...


Big Daddy said...

'Flypaper Forum'.


hello, my name is danny. said...

geez! T$,

is there no shame left in this world!?!

or maybe, it's just you and the environment you foster in your apartment. LOL

jason said...

dirty sexy.

Robert said...

I used to put the big mama flies into a little tube with water.. and watch them have babies... I mean maggots!

*BUZZZZZZZZZZZ* Owait, that's a bee sound.

The Scott Blog said...


Greg said...

Hot, steamy, raunchy fly sex.

They're definitely bringing sexy back.