Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Little Less Conversation (Or, Thank You, Darlin')

OK...I did just eat a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich...so I guess I shouldn't be that shocked by this. According to a recent online quiz, if I were a dead celebrity, I'd be...

Elvis Presley.

I'm down with the King, for sure...and Clambake! is one of my favorite films. I also fondly remember while my grandmother was reading Priscilla Presley's book Elvis and Me, she muttered under her breath:

"She's a mess and she can't write. She should have called this book Elvis and Me Done Drugs."

However, I'm not so jazzed about the mini-Freudian analysis of my psyche that came with my Blue Hawaiian answer.

See below:

Which Dead Celebrity Are You?
Your Result: Elvis Presley

Multi-talented, but really strong in only one field. You tend to love beauty and opulence. More than likely, you suffer from a deep-seated guilt or anxiety that your mother may have contributed to. Visually, you are a striking figure and feel comfortable being "on-stage".

Lucille Ball

Marilyn Monroe

Which Dead Celebrity Are You?


thonnibg said...

Hi,Trevor!I stopped by by chance on your blog and saw that you would like to come to Bulgaria!It was very interesting for me to see Azis` clip here!So,I just wanted to say hello!
Have a nice day!

Big Daddy said...

I'm Elvis as well.