Tuesday, October 02, 2007

What's In A Word? (Or, Two for the Road)

I have many favorite words...but there are two that I love more than anything.

I love them so much, I stole them.

The first is shitbox. It's a lovely compound word that I lifted from a certain Christopher Guest film. It has so many uses...and it really comes in handy...as in people, places and things:

"This restaurant is a complete shitbox."

"This shirt makes me look like a shitbox."

"Kathi is a total shitbox. She just lost custody of her kids."

Now, before I get ahead of myself and turn this entry into a shitty shitbox, my other favorite word is junkshow. I stole it from my friend Patty - who wields the word impressively and deserves due credit.

Junkshow is a lot like shitbox...but is somehow more descriptive:

"This store's OK...but who are they trying to fool with that sale rack? It's a junkshow."

"This bar is a junkshow."

"Kathi's weave is a junkshow. What did she pay - ten bucks for that hair?"

So, go ahead and use them at your discretion...impress your friends at parties with your saucy, salty wit and make your frenemies cry and beg for mercy.


Kathi said...

Trevor I had no idea you felt this way. Disguising your true feelings in a post!

My kids are a subject I would rather not discuss in this forum, but you DO know they look up to you like a father.

And as for my hairpiece, I can not help that chemo has eradicated all of my hair. I know its not the best wig (but Eva Gabor designed it, and it is pretty in my opinion), but it does give me some of my dignity back. I will not be like that Kylie Minogue, showing off my buzzcut or wearing turbans. My hair is my crown; it just happens that currently it is synthetic, but I thought you would understand. Please refrain from calling it your made up names.

I wish you had confronted me with this anger sooner.

Jessica said...

Poor Kathi: everyone uses her as their own personal shitbox.

unfitney spears said...

back off kathi...this post is mine!

m00nchild said...

T$: I have a few phrases that got conjured in my head while talking to myself (frequently) when I'm on my own.

dragtacular: "Oooh. Those sequined hot pants and that chainlink halter top are just dragtacular.

weavenasty: "She is just weavenasty, ok?"

booswax: "That is none of your damn booswax."

But don't tell anyone, ok?

Robert said...

My person favorite is 'fuckturd'. It just sounds funny! ehehe!

I really like 'shitbox'. I'm gonna use it on my next company's Quarterly Appreciation Day. Thx! ;-)

T$ said...

moonybaby - I think we should join forces..as in:

that was a dragtacular junkshow of a movie.

kathi - yes, poor, poor kathi - is a weavenasty shitbox.

robert - please do use "shitbox" whenever you can. it really comes in handy.