Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another One Cites the Bust (Or, Hussbucket)

I've mentioned having a couple of favorite words that I've stolen...namely the words shitbox and junkshow.

Recently, I myself coined a term that I've grown awfully fond much so that I submitted it to one of my favorite websites for entrance into a certain downlow, down-n-dirty lexicon:

My very own word is...


Click the links above to see its definitions and sample usage.

How I came to the phrase, I'm not entirely sure.

I do know I had the wherewithal to submit it to Urban Dictionary under duress from my friend Tarek.

Its a combination of the word hussy - always a good time - and this random story I have from long ago:

For some reason, my high school used this jingle to taunt a rival school:

Hookers in Tallmadge
They Have Their Own Union
Hookers in Tallmadge
Are More Fun
Than a Bucket of Pigs

Clearly I grew up in the Midwest.

Anyway, "more fun than a bucket of pigs" and hussy just seemed right together...hence hussbucket.

There you go - feel free to use it at your discretion.

And...for the record...Tallmadge really does have a lot of hookers.

No joke.

ADDENDUM: I should have googled the term first...apparently, there's a cricket player in Australia who goes by the nickmame HussBucket...and it's on a few MySpace (hurl) pages...and hussbucket seems more and more like something that's been out there on its own, without aid of my invention.


In the words of the late great Emily Litella:



Darth Gateau said...

claim it as yours! I shall now be bandying it around in the very best of London circles. In fact, I'm feeling spurred on to create some words of my own.

Shirley Heezgay! said...

listen, it's the only version on so I say it belongs to you!

kusala ~ joe said...

I like the term; I just don't see myself using it.

Instead, I prefer the all-purpose, and very satisfying: ho-bag. Excellent in a variety of situations, and brings a smile to the face as it rolls off the tongue.

kookyknut said...

another word you might like is "shit-house", referring to an outhouse but can be used in so many different ways.

I'm feeling pretty shit-house.

The movie was completely shit-house.