Sunday, November 11, 2007

Easy Bake Sunday (Or, Overheard Part 800)

I once overheard this exchange on the subway:

MAN: Baby, I don't want you to work out too much.

WOMAN: Why not? I like to.

MAN: But I don't want you to lose that hot back you got baby.

WOMAN: Don't worry - I won't lose my back. I just do cardio...maybe work on my legs. Just do some squabs and some sit-ups.

Yes, squabs.


TWISI said...

whatever I would say right now probably wouldn't be politically correct, so I will just chuckle.


thonnibg said...

Sorry for the stupid question,but what does squabs mean?
Great design again,Trevor!

hello, my name is danny. said...

well, gawd! no wonder my back isn't at it's peak physical potential.

i need to do squabs! lots and lots of them!

Greg said... that the eat-as-you-exercise plan? She'll probably keep that back that way.

Christopher said...

Aren't squabs what hill-billys have for Thanksgiving?

psst: I'm loving the last few drawings you've much talent in you!

kusala ~ joe said...

Turn around! Stick it out!
Even white boys got to shout!
Baby got back!

Thanks for reminding me that I've really gotta get back into a lungest and squabs routine....

kusala ~ joe said...

err.. that's "lunges and squabs"

kusala ~ joe said...
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m00nchild said...


um ...


but ....



T$ said...

thonnibg - the woman meant to say "squats" as in: leg presses at the gym.

"squab" is another word for pigeon.

thonnibg said...

Yeah,I know what "squats" means.