Friday, November 09, 2007

Lounge It Up (Or Graphic Content)

The word lounge used in contexts like:

Teacher's Lounge
Men's Lounge
Ladies' Lounge

Always makes me laugh.

Since my mother is an educator, I know all about the first one. Yes, the clich├ęs are all duly earned - Teacher's Lounges are nothing but smoke-filled dens of iniquity and hang-outs for wanna-be burlesque performers.

The second is just comical. Do men ever need to lay down, take a break, and "lounge" after they take a piss or use a stall...?

Er...scratch that. I really dig Men's Lounge all of a sudden.

Same goes for Ladies' Lounge...but after what I just said about its male equivalent, it doesn't seem as silly.

Wherever am I going with this?

Even I don't know.

I did post a page (accessible via the sidebar, clicking here or clicking the animation above) of past BV banners.

Yes, it's a lounge.

Well, it's really more of a graveyard...but lounge just sounds more appealing.

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thonnibg said...

That banner is terrific!