Wednesday, November 28, 2007

For Your Googly Eyes Only (Or, Our Feature Presentation)

After nearly three years of writing BV, I sort of stumbled on a weekly feature - equal parts rewind and Hardy Boys style investigation...

Here's this week's list of titilating, nearly-disturbing, vexing, and entirely random Google searches that brought folks here:

[Ron] Perelman's Jewelry
Best Fudge on Long Island

Goodbye Blue Monday Analysis

Eyebrow Threading - Buffalo
Real Air Steward

When We Made Love You Used to Cry

Midget Escort

Aquarius the Slut
jing og jang* personal favorite:

Sandy Duncan in Leotard on YouTube

*Apparently, I speak Danish...sometimes.


Greg said...

I'm more curious about midget escort....

T$ said...

I was hoping someone would ask...

It's a two parter:

Part One

Part Two

thonnibg said...

And I`m curious about jing og jang.Sounds Scandinavian to me.I speak German and I`m a bit familiar with Scandinavian languages.

Big Daddy said...

'When We Made Love You Used to Cry'


Do I even want to know?

T$ said...

TB - I'm not sure what that means (from the google page, it appeared to be from Denmark) in Danish, but what they found on my blog was a reference to the song "Jingle Bells".

BD - it's not as scandalous as you'd think. It's a quote from an old Dire Straits song - and I used it in reference to...

Juliette Lewis.

Yes yes y'all.

jason said...

Well, "Sandy Duncan in Leotard"
is a surefire way to lure people *anywhere.*

Lord knows it's brought me many a time.

thonnibg said...

So,it`s not Scandinavian.It`s Danish.I was wrong.LOL