Friday, December 28, 2007

Back In the Buffalo Saddle (Or, File Under Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I never made an official, I'm-walking-out-the-door-saying: "I need a drink, Roz" statement up in here declaring my nearly two-week long here it is...two weeks late.

Now that I've officially said that, I'll probably post ten things today.

Anyway, I'm resorting to my new favorite crutch - ye olde tyme "what the hell did people type in Google to land here?" entry:

Here's this week's list of ditties that you - the viewer at home - let your fingers do the walking all up and down and round and round and boy you turn me inside out on Google to get your asses here:

Fleshlight at Duane Reade
Quick Cab Sex Idaho
What to Serve for Three Kings Day?
Films About Strip Poker
"I Say Nothing" by Voice of the Beehive
Aquarius Serve Slut
Young Haircuts for Today
Goo Goo
Amateur Turban Porn*
Buffalo Void** favorite...possibly ever:

Jane Fonda Suck the Chrome off a Bumper

Here's to being back in the [buffalo] saddle...

*Welcome Googlers from Turkey!

**Someone was actually trying to find BV. Go figure.

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