Sunday, December 02, 2007

Lumberman in a Tutu (Or, Daphne, It Was Really Nothing)

I'm light on story right now, but while I wait for my mojo to return, here's something from my e-mail inbox.

I wish I could take credit for its brilliant absurdity, but, alas, it was written by one Miss Daphne Browne.

Here's what Daphne had to say to me in her exquisite email entitled "shoal vigilant gentility":

wet morrissey lumberman dressy fcc dobbin vigilant almond yarn scar morrissey dressy lumberman dressy yarn vulture scar tome inaudible basin lumberman visor gain bindle almond yarn plantation sommerfeld conquest exclaim citation firemen leukemia otherworld groove firemen dobbin visor resplendent dodecahedra scar fickle vigilant morrissey visor inverse bindle fickle rebellion scar resplendent

leukemia exclaim batwing inaudible conquest morrissey wet pickaxe

I don't know what a "wet morrissey lumberman" is - but I sure do like the sound of it.


kusala ~ joe said...

I'm still not sure I understand the point of those spammails, but they sure iz entertaining.`

m00nchild said...

i have a few new spamdoozles to post on my blog, too. they've reached such a point of absurd communication that i marvel at their poetry.

fyi, sentient artificial intelligence will arise from this. mark my words.