Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A Virtual Trip (Or, Hoppipola)

I recently mentioned how I had planned on taking a big trip over Thanksgiving. Since that didn't materialize, here's a little something to scratch that particular itch.

In November 2005, I spent a week in Iceland. In some ways, that trip (or images from that trip anyway) are still with me.

Above is a trailer for a new film by the amazing Icelandic band Sigur Ros - it captures Iceland in ways my words just can't. Below are a few photographs I took there.


And, yes, I've been very very very hungover today. Thank you all for your birthday wishes - I'll be back in action tomorrow.


Greg said...

I've always wanted to visit Iceland. Great pictures!!

kusala ~ joe said...

Awesome photos.

I've dreamt of visiting Iceland since I was a teenager, and I definitely have to make it there someday soon. Sigur Rós are great, and I'm really interested in seeing the documentary, which I read about a few weeks ago.

T$ said...

you should go!

two years later, I still have dreams about the place...