Friday, December 14, 2007

Whole Kit and GaGoogle (Or, I'm Featuring...This Week)

So, my newfangled weekly feature seemed to have hit the skids...until a set of random ass google searches perked me right up.

Here goes this week's list of Google searches that brought viewers like you to BV:

Lauren Cooper French Oral Exam
Ice Ice Baby
Rabbit Lined Hat
Sexy Epileptic
Aries Loud Slut
Google Dolls personal favorite:

What Did Charles Say to Camilla On the Phone?*

*No cheating - if you know what this is in regard to and what dirty, dirty thing Charles said to Camilla that I - of course - had the tact and wherewithal to repeat here, post it as a comment. It's so good/bad I still can't take it.


jason said...

I don't know what a "google doll" is but you should totally market them.

Shirley Heezgay! said...

As a Bitch of The Commonwealth, I know EXACTLY what the Charles/Camilla thing is....


mrpeenee said...

I beleive HRH mentioned his desire to be a Ladies' hygenic product tucked within Camilla's squish. Is that what you meant?

hello, my name is danny. said...

hey t$,

that's just disturbing! no wonder american t.v. is always stealing from the brits.

SYNRGY said...

Scandalous... I'm sure this happened a while ago... and yes, I live under a rock... LOL

Muzbot said...

"Sexy Epileptic"? Hmmmm, your keywords just intrigue me so much.

Greg said...

Ice Ice Baby?!

I guess that's forgivable, but what did you write for someone to find you using Sexy Epileptic?

Big Daddy said...

An epileptic attack is far from sexy.

But that would make a great band name.