Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Eight Ate Eight (Or, A Triumphant Return to...What Was I Talking About?)

I'd say "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah", but clearly that's not sufficient to cover the borderline-two-weeks of not posting.

I had a couple of feverish, heady moments where I was all steamed up and hot and bothered and loose and willing and able and steady and ready to rock this rhyme and bust out something here...but I've been up to my eyes in boxes.

If I were a lesbian, I'd be in heaven.

Although I've been accused of being a lesbian more often than I'd care to admit, my box fever is simple really: I'm moving into a new apartment next week.

In lieu of the continent of various other "oh-shit-oh-shit-I haven't-written" excuses I need to make to cover my ass, I'll drop a teeny tiny bitchy sort-of-not-really-story instead.

Friday night I went out to dinner with a group of gay friends...the night got drunkity drunk fairly quickly, and although there were dozens (yes...dozens) of moments I should share, I can only remember three snippets of conversation - neither of which I can take credit for:

"He's a top? On top of what?"

"No, they're not strippers. They're from New Jersey."

"Christ it smells like penis in here."

Sometime soon I'll make like Stella and get her groove back...or at the very least I'll make like Stella Artois and get my Belgian beer on tap back.

Until then...

Yeah, yeah, yeah.


hello, my name is danny. said...

well, finally!

i hope that penis smell comment was not in regards to the new digs!

anyway, good luck with the move. i never understood why anyone would want to move during winter. but what the hell, i've got a six-pack of stella waiting for you as a housewarming gift ;-} yum!

TWISI said...

I was beginning to think you had run off and joined the paparrazi so you could get closer to Britney.

Welcome back, now don't ever be gone that long again!

Greg said...

Moving into an apartment with that new penis smell...

Congratulations on the move!

m00nchild said...

i've been posting a lot less for the last several weeks. i don't get it. i love to write, but my spirit has been elsewhere.

i've not been reading anyone's blogs lately, either. which is also weird. but hey at least with you i don't have to catch up too much.

tho everything you write is a gem.

Derek said...

You know I've been accused of that as well, only because I have so many lesbian friends.

noTORIous said...