Thursday, January 24, 2008

What If He Was Romeo In Black Jeans (Or, What If He Was Heathcliff)

I was going to write something about Heath Ledger...but I'd rather let A.O. Scott of the Times do it for me:

"An Actor Whose Work Will Outlast the Frenzy"


m00nchild said...

The only Heath Ledger movie I've seen wast Brokeback Mountain. I was so haunted by his performance.

I was powerfully attracted to Ennis. I wanted to be Ennis' friend. Or to marry him. Or have sex with him. But Ennis was going to remain alone forever. And like the men in my life -- always elusive and on the fringe of heartbreak.

Heath's sudden death really upset me. I feel like I lost the chance to sleep with him again. To marry him. To call him on the phone. To ask him I could see him one more time.

Thanks for the link. It's a good article.

kusala ~ joe said...

Maybe he was just looking for someone to dance with?

I'm way late on this train, but though the news shocked the hell out of me, I never felt that kind of connection with or affinity for the Heath. Brokeback was a good film, but it also didn't "move me deeply" or whatever it was supposed to do. I'm not sure why. I (honestly) consider blaming the antidepressants, considering I don't cry at the drop of a cowboy hat anymore. All that said, this kind of news is always very sad to me: Youth cut down in its prime and all that.