Friday, February 08, 2008

If She Could Turn Back Time (Or, Leave It to Cher)

Not like I ever have to say "I'm Sorry" for extreme homosexual statements or stories or retold incidents...but this next entry might need a "this-is-too-gay-for-words" apology.

Last night, Cher was on Nightline. She weighed in on the upcoming presidential election as such - in her typically candid manner:

"I love Hillary. I know her and she's a strong woman. I want her to win. I really like Obama - I think he's a great speaker. But he doesn't have enough experience and that's scary to me."

The interviewer was about to ask her to clarify a little when Cher jumped in with:

"Look, there was a guy I loved - I really had hope for him and what he stood for. I had dinner with him when he first got to the White House. It was sad what happened to him - he was a great idealist and he got torn apart by our government."

And...after an appropriately dramatic pause...

"That man was Jimmy Carter."

There are times for heated debate.

There are times for thought upon thought upon thought.

And there are times you should just leave it to Cher.

And, yeah, I gave up some cash today - you should too:

BV's Officially Endorsed Candidate.

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TWISI said...

i'm stil having a hard time getting behind hillary, i just think with her in office it will be more of the same ole same ole that we have seen in washington since bush sr. went into office.