Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Story of O (Or, Super Tuesday)

I was discussing the Obama-Oprah factor with my friend Torrey. I won't reveal the details of said political discussion...but the highlight was this:

ME: I just feel like Oprah turned Obama into a rockstar overnight. It troubles me.

TOR: You mean she put too much pressure on him?

ME: No, I mean she put too much pressure on me.

With that, we laughed at the thought of Oprah's giant head looming above voters' heads inside those deliriously modern voting booths, pressuring them to do the right thing by her man of the hour.

I guess it's a step up from her staged fawning over Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

Anyway, I will say, I'm always shocked at how easy voting in my neighborhood is...maybe I'm the only one who ever votes in the 16th precinct, but there's never a line...ever. I was in and out of there in five minutes tops.

I even got belated belated birthday wishes from the voting official - I was a little taken aback when she asked me if I would be voting Democrat or Republican.

Upon hearing the latter word, I had to ask her:

"They have those in this neighborhood?"

On second thought, given the amount of strollers and baby bjorns and over-privileged-mommy-and-me classes there now are in my 'hood, there are probably registered Republicans now too...

...and not even the always-and-forever-troubling Log Cabin kind.


TWISI said...

I am convinced that before I die, we will all live in the "United States of Oprah."

joe*to*hell said...

fuck that nasty fat bitch