Monday, February 25, 2008

Three Wishes (Or, A Certain Sunday Night in Review)

I usually write more about film than I have recently (um...all of last year) and I wanted to do a little Oscar hoo-haa thing prior to last night.

In retrospect, I'm glad I didn't. I had three small hopes for the ceremony - all of which pulled through:

As much as I love Julie Christie, I wanted Marion Cotillard to win for La Vie en Rose.

And...she did.

Once was one of my favorite films from last year (even thinking about the film's ending now makes me choke up more than I should admit to), and I wanted its big song "Falling Slowly" to win. did.

I have had it bad for Tilda Swinton since I saw her in Derek Jarman's Caravaggio way way way back when. She is a masterful, intellectual actor and what she did with her role in Michael Clayton is completely representative of her intense craft and intelligence. I wanted her to win more than anything.

And...she did.

There you have it - I'm coming to the Oscar pool a day late, but somehow glad I didn't have the gumption/energy/whatever to write about this before last night.

Oh, yeah...No Country For Old Men is pretty much a masterpiece - but I'm way late in coming around to that sentiment.


A Reader said...

Tilda had it coming since Orlando....and thats because of the androgyne that she is.

And Miss Marion deserved a fucking coronation for that performance. An Oscar was simply not enough.

TWISI said...

One of my favorite moments of the show was when Stewart brought the composer back out on stage so she could give her acceptance speech. That was classy!

joe said...

I agree with you so much about Marion and Tilda, though I wish Tilda had kind of put herself together a little more elegantly -- I'm thinking of how regal she looked in Edward II. Is that too much to ask for?

I have to admit, though I admire the "craft" of No Country, I'm pretty much left feeling a resounding "Meh" when I think about it. A huge, yawping "Whatever." Kind of the way I felt when I first saw Pulp Fiction. Maybe I'll see the light someday, but I doubt it.