Thursday, February 14, 2008

Your Googly Heart (Or, V.D.)

Since I have next-to-no love for today's "holiday", here's my weekly list of Google's about as close to V.D. as I am right now...Enjoy.

Pesky White
Madonna Body of Evidence Clips
Stag Party in Buffalo
Nan Kempner 1979
Joni Mitchell Never Lies
Tyra Banks Passport Photo
The Public Wants What the Public Gets
"An Amazing Nightmare"*
All the Great Operas in Ten Minutes
What If I'm in Black Jeans?
Bigass Southern personal favorite:

Can I Perm My Pubic Hair?

*Kudos to anyone who knows who that quote is in reference to.


MIss John Frieda said...

Constance The Mad Bush Woman, is that you? Happy Unfortunate Day to you as well

joe said...

Hey, if I was in NYC, I'd invite you out for an anti-cupid drink.